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                                              ABOUT ME

Mary Ellen Johnson’s writing career began with her passion for Medieval England. Her first novel, THE LION AND THE LEOPARD, dealt with the doomed reign of Edward II (1307-1327).  THE LANDLORD'S BLACK-EYED DAUGHTER, a historical novel based on the Alfred Noyes poem, “The Highwayman,” was published under the pseudonym, Mary Ellen Dennis. Landlord was chosen as one of the top 100 historical romances in  the year of its publication.


After taking a years' long  detour to indulge in a passion for social justice issues, 

Mary Ellen is loving the quiet life of an author and a return to the relatively less complicated world of fourteenth century England. Her six part series, KNIGHTS OF ENGLAND, begins with the disastrous reign and murder of Edward II and ends following  the disastrous reign and murder of Edward’s great-grandson, Richard II and the ascension to the throne of Henry IV. (Herein the seeds are sown for the Wars of the Roses in case you remain enamored of that particular era.) In between we have the Black Death, Peasants Rebellion, the beginnings of the Hundred Years War, lots of brutal battles, sweeping campaigns, political intrigue, and oh, yes, hopefully some passionate—though sometimes doomed--love affairs.


Mary Ellen’s series,  THE LION AND THE LEOPARD, A KNIGHT THERE WAS,  WITHIN A FOREST DARK,  A CHILD UPON THE THRONE,  LORDS AMONG THE RUINS,  and FLAMES OF REBELLION are available in print and on Amazon and other outlets. 


While Mary Ellen is not an expert on medieval England she does love to share all the tidbits on the time period that fascinate her. (No, medieval man did NOT believe the earth was flat!) So if you are a fan of knights and castles, chivalry and courtly love and particularly her hero, Edward the Black Prince, she would love to talk with you. And if you happen to be an expert she is always eager to learn! (

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